Sandown Crescent is a Sectional Title apartment complex situated in the Royal Ascot Estate. Both our complex, and the greater estate are situated on an environmentally sensitive area, bordered by Nature Reserves, and the stables. Both Sandown Crescent, and Royal Ascot have their own rules and regulations, management committee, and managing agents. The amount of info around both is comprehensive.

We have decided to share The Sandown Crescent specific items below for you. For info, and regular news about Royal Ascot, please refer to their website, which is an extremely detailed and interesting source of information.

In particular, please take note of the list of Environmental Do’s and Don’t’s. We live in an area containing endangered and protected flora and fauna species, so we need to adhere to the rules set out by RAMPOA. Each year, we have to undergo an audit to ensure our compliance, and we’d appreciate your cooperation in this regard – especially around the ‘no pets’ policy.

Not sure who to speak to about what? Take a look at our important contacts page.

Want to read the latest circulars for Sandown Crescent? You can find them on the news page.

Not sure of the rules for Sandown Crescent? They are available via this link: SANDOWN CRESCENT CONDUCT RULES FINAL AFTER OMBUDS CHANGES MARCH 2019

*Please note that these rules have been approved by CSOS: Sandown Crescent CSOS approval – Rules

Wanting to renovate, make changes, or improvements to your unit? Please ensure that you contact your Portfolio Manager Kirk Odgers / 021 410 5523 to get trustee approval BEFORE you commence with anything.

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