General Circular Feb 2018

  1. Current Water use at Sandown Crescent – We appreciate everyone’s efforts to reduce consumption, and hope to see a further reduction going forward. The trustees have started taking weekly, independent readings of the main water meter: Sandown Crescent – Daily Water Usage (20-02-2018)
  2. Update on booster pump investigation – While the trustees are struggling to find a contractor with the expertise, and willingness to undertake a full spec on such a project, preliminary cost estimates could range from R500k – to potentially R1Mil. It is not clear if there is value for such an expenditure over the long term (and the running and long-term maintenance costs for an installation that would possibly only provide a temporary or ad-hoc solution). Therefore, with the fact that the water pressure at Sandown Crescent has been stable for the last while, this project is on hold for the time-being.
  3. RAMPOA Borehole update – The CoCT has advised RAMPOA that they can no longer use this borehole, due to current restrictions not allowing borehole water to be used for irrigation. RAMPOA has requested a meeting with CoCT to see if there are other alternatives for using the borehole water.
  4. Water harvesting – The trustees have now tabled to investigate water-harvesting options (for topping up our pools, and possible irrigation). Options will be presented, once research has been done.
  5. Pool covers – Trustees are still awaiting quotes. With suppliers being inundated with requests, it has been challenging to receive quotes with speed. Once quotations are received, work will be approved immediately.
  6. Mircom system – Work has been approved for this system to be replaced, and should commence shortly. The trustees thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
  7. Reminder about renovations / improvements – The trustees would like to advise owners to consult with Trafalgar before undergoing any alterations or additions to ensure that trustee approval is not needed and/or that their plans are compliant and within rules and regulations.
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