General Communication – Wendy Houses & Jojo Tanks on balconies – Dec 2019

Dear Sandown Crescent Owner,

Please forward this to your tenant if relevant.

Previous communication was sent relating to the installation of large structures on balconies. Please note that any large structure installed on a balcony – most notably, Wendy Houses & Jojo Tanks – are in contravention of the Sandown Crescent rules.

If you do have a Wendy House or Jojo Tank installed, please ensure it is removed by no later than 31 January 2020. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

There are a range of approved storage solutions available to you, if storage is an issue:

  • A chest sized storage box with a height less than the height of the balcony (out of sight) is approved. See example below.
  • SPACE+ over-bonnet box storage for basement parking is approved. See example below.
  • New trellises design that was communicated earlier this year has an option that comes with a storage box/seat. See example below.

Any other storage solution outside of this list must be pre-approved by Trustees prior to purchase or installation.

With regards to water-saving measures being met by Jojo tank installations, the Body Corporate is committed to investigating alternative communal water harvesting solutions in the new year that address this need.

We appreciate your cooperation in upholding the aesthetics of our beautiful complex.

The SC Trustees


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