Rules 101 – Some Do’s & Dont’s – 22 January 2020

It’s always a bit intimidating to go through a lengthy document of rules, so the trustees have decided to highlight some key ones in the article below:-

You may NOT do ANYTHING to any area outside your section without written consent from the trustees or body corporate, depending on what you would like to do.  For full rules and regulations please refer to the conduct rules.

  1. Renovations

All renovations require permission for the following reasons:

There could be a security risk with a group of non-residents and various delivery vehicles going in and out of the complex for several days, or a risk of damage to common property.

Limited days and hours during which work can take place. Owner is liable for health and safety compliance.

If electrical work or plumbing is involved, for instance, you may need to get a certificate of compliance in order not to invalidate the whole scheme’s insurance.

The use of power tools, hammering and other noise generating equipment shall not be permitted after 18h00 on weekdays, and before 10h00 and after 14h00 on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays.

  1. Renting out property within a sectional title scheme is subjected to the scheme rules

Unit owners must ensure that their tenants do not cause a nuisance to permanent residents or occupants. Tenants should receive a copy of the scheme’s rules and ensure they sign to adhere to such rules.  This includes rules regarding security, parking, noise, refuse removal, water use etc.

When rules are broken, the scheme may in terms of the prescribed rules impose fines and the owner will be responsible for paying this.

Body corporate must be notified when an occupancy of a unit changes.

The body corporate strictly prohibits AirBnB’s or short term holiday accommodation in the complex.

  1. Noise

Noise is a nuisance and you, your children and your visitors may not be the cause of any nuisance to the other residents in the complex. Complaints to the Trustees have to be in writing.

  1. Pets

The Sectional Titles Act Conduct Rules have banned cats or dogs or pets in general. This is a rule imposed by RAMPOA.

  1. Tailgating

Tailgating is not permitted for your own safety as well as the safety and enjoyment of all guests.


  1. General appearance

The appearance of your unit from the outside is very important – you are not permitted to keep anything outside your unit which is not in keeping with the appearance of the complex e.g. rubbish kept on balconies and so on.

You are responsible for taking your refuse to the refuse area and placing it in the containers provided. Kitchen refuse must be placed in plastic bags; tins must be completely drained so that the bag will not leak.

Units must be kept free of bugs, including borer beetles and cockroaches – these must be eradicated immediately to stop them affecting the entire complex.

Braaiing – No wood fires are permitted on balconies. Only smokeless or gas braai devices with a lid may be used by owners and occupiers to braai on their balconies, provided that no hazard or nuisance is caused t other owners or occupiers.

Laundry – you are not permitted to hang washing on any part of the building or the common property so to be visible from outside the building or from any other unit, i.e. no washing to be hung on balconies.

Littering – in the complex is not permitted. This includes any rubbish, soil, cigarette butts, food scraps or any litter whatsoever.

Exclusive Use Areas allocated to you have to be kept clean and tidy.

Swimming pool – The pool pump is running on a digital timer and at no times should the pool cleaner be disconnected or pump be switched off.

Vehicles – Ensure that you and your visitors vehicles do not drip oil or brake fluid onto the common property and no one is allowed to dismantle or do major repairs to vehicles on any part of the common property including Exclusive Use Areas.

Vehicles of residents to be parked on their designated exclusive use parking bays, and visitors may only park on such areas as are specifically demarcated for that purpose.

Imposition of penalties

If the conduct of an Owner or Occupier or the Invitees of an Owner or Occupier constitute/s a nuisance in the opinion of the Trustees, or a contravention of a provision of the STA, STSMA, the management rules or These Rules, the Trustees may, without prejudice of the other rights or remedies available in terms of These Rules:

(a) By written notice inform the Owner of the Section of the nuisance or contravention and warn the Owner that if he, or the Occupier fail/s to remedy the contravention and/or if he or they persist/s in such conduct or contravention, a penalty will be imposed on the Owner of the Section; and

(b) If notwithstanding the 7 (SEVEN) days’ written notice given by the Trustees in terms of sub-rule (1)(a), the Owner or the Occupier of the Section fails to remedy the contravention or persist in the conduct or contravention, or if the conduct or contravention is repeated, by written notice impose a penalty on the Owner of the Section, which notice shall state the reasons for the imposition of the penalty; or

(c) Summarily and without warning, by written notice impose a penalty on the Owner, which notice shall state the reasons for the imposition of the penalty.


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