Urgent Protocol for Sandown Crescent Residents during National Lockdown – 24 March 2020

In light of the recent Presidential announcement regarding the nationwide lockdown coming

into effect as of Thursday 26th March 2020 at midnight, we would like to share some important information with you.

Please refer to the linked document for more information:

Sandown Crescent Protocol for Lockdown – Revised 30 March


UPDATE – 30 APRIL 2020

As you are all now aware, the Government has instructed that the Lockdown will move to level 4 as of tomorrow, Friday 1 May. Please see below and attached updated protocol for Sandown Crescent residents, which caters for the government’s Level 4 regulations. Sandown Crescent Residents – Lockdown Protocol – Updated 30 April 2020
We are taking guidance from the latest Risk Adjusted Regulations Gazette no. 11098 vol. 658 29 April 2020 that could change from time to time. Should it change our protocol, we will notify Owners/Residents.

Exercise and movement within the complex
  • The government exercise guidelines will apply 6am-9am
  • Minors will have to be accompanied by their legal guardian or someone under the employment of the legal guardian
  • We encourage social distancing as per the government regulations
  • You are required to wear a mask or similar when exercising during 6am-9am
  • Common areas (pool and braai facilities) will remain closed but you may run/walk in the road during the 6am-9am period, or if walking to the shop outside of those hours. The road and parking garage remains closed for non-essential movement outside of 6am-9am.
  • We would also like to ask that out of respect and safety for each other, residents also please wear a mask when moving around the complex outside of these hours (for example, taking refuse down or walking to and from the shops). This is in line with government regulations.
Private household Employment 
Domestic Workers are unfortunately not allowed to return to work under level 4. Only those who fall under “Care Services and social relief of distress provided to older persons, mentally ill, persons with disabilities, the sick and children;” are permitted, with the following requirements:
  1. Would need to have the required documentation for the unit that the worker is going to.
  2. Need residence documentation (Level 4 CIPC Certificate)
  3. Workers documentation (ANNEXURE C FORM 2 PERMIT TO PERFORM ESSENTIAL SERVICE REGULATIONS 16(2)(b) and 28(4)
  4. Workers contact detail – Full Name, Address ,Cell Phone number and ID or Passport number to be submitted to Trafalgar and will be given to security
  5. The Worker will need to wear a face mask upon entry to the complex
A reminder that no social visits are allowed, either between units, nor from external visitors.
We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Sandown Crescent for supporting the protocols and keeping our complex a safe place to be.
Kind regards,
The Sandown Crescent Trustees
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