General Circular – 5 July 2018

Rubbish: It has come to our attention that large items that cannot fit into our refuse bins for standard rubbish removal are being dumped by residents / cleaners around the bin-room, and sometimes in the parking garages. Items like old prams, shower doors, broken furniture has been found. This is not acceptable, and we encourage all residents to dispose of their old items in a responsible manner. Information on official CoCT municipal drop-off points for non-standard waste can be found via this link to their website.

Water tariffs: You may be aware of the recent news coverage of water tariff increases being implemented by the CoCT. With the water bills for the complex coming out of the levy fund, and owners not getting individual bills, it may be difficult to quantify the effect. In the last few months, water consumption has remained at a stable level, thanks to those that are saving. However, on a cost level, our billing has gone from R4000.00 a month on average to R17000.00 a month, due to the higher tariffs. This has an effect on our levies, so please be mindful, and continue finding ways to use less water.

Bicycle racks: A limited number of bicycle racks have been purchased and installed in the A/B and D/E parking garages, at the entrances accessed from the visitors parking side. These are free to be used, and on a first-come first-serve basis. The trustees will monitor the uptake and demand for these, and install more if needed. Instructions on how to hang your bikes can be found on this website, but an example bike has already been put up on E Block for reference.

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