Roof leaks after the storm – 24 June 2019

Dear Owners / Residents of Loft Apartments

Due to the storm we experienced on Friday evening, the trustees want to ask all loft apartment owners to check for roof leaks.

Please could you email Trafalgar (Kirk and Kayla) by COB on Thursday 27 June to let us know if you experienced any leaks to your unit from your roof on the weekend.

We’d appreciate you being as specific as possible.

Please send us your unit number, exact location of leak: specify if from the pitched roof section or flat roof section, on racecourse side or visitors parking side, or on a neighbour’s side (specify their unit number), whether from the apex or any other area ( please specify). Please furnish photos, and if possible a sketch clearly showing where in your apartment this occurred. This will help us to guide a roofing contractor on where to start looking for exterior damage.

Kind Regards
SDC Trustees

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