Trellis screens for stairwell sides of balconies – 10 July 2019

Dear Owner/Resident/Tenant,

At our AGM last year, we showcased a new option for balcony wall screens to replace the bamboo screens that are currently in use; reason being that the majority of the existing bamboo screens are weathered or ill-maintained, and don’t quite suit the architectural style of Sandown Crescent. This new option was approved by those of you who attended the AGM.

The new-look is a classic white wooden trellis, which is better suited to the pavilion style of Sandown Crescent (architraves around windows and doors etc.). In addition, the diamond shape lends more privacy.

The trellis also allows for 3 different options and can be useful/practical for storage or planting:

1. Trellis only

2. Trellis with planter box

3. Trellis with lid (for storage and seating)

After investigating several types of trellises and suppliers (most that you see for sale on the side of the road or at nurseries do not have a double frame and the gaps in between the slats are too big, offering no privacy), we have identified Eugene Ruiters, as the supplier. He can be contacted on 078-246-4943. The trellises he makes have double frames (both sides of the trellis) for sturdiness, and small gaps (32mm) between the slats for maximum privacy. The colour of the trellises are white, which means that it can be painted, and maintained.

If you are considering installing a new screen at Sandown Crescent, please note that from July 2019, the newly approved trellises, as per the link below, are preferred.

Sandown Crescent_Trellises_July 2019

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